if it was rotated does not give a different target point.

I had the advantage of having an empty sea container facing my pasture so I put the supplied target inside in the shade. I had a high powered laser range finder for accurate distances from the target. I first tried sighting in at the recommended. OK, let's try 100 yards. NO PROBLEM seeing the green laser dot!I just sighted in two guns with this bore sight, and this sight makes it easy. The magnet is great and the laser is straight and from what I can tell, if it was rotated does not give a different target point. http://www.htpow.com/high-powered-30000mw-blue-laserpointer-445nm-worlds-brightest-p-1027.html I've had 10000mw Laser like this before but this guy takes the cake. Super bright, pressure switch is easy to install, mount is solid and also the fact that it comes with 2 mounts is great. Gives you the option if you don't have a weaver rail, it can go right on top of a typical scope. Only downside is that the adjusting knobs, although easy to turn and use, are not square with the up/dn L/R directional arrows. Mine sit at an angle if I align the scope with the arrows on the face.They are cheap because they are cheap quality. one of the cheap ones fell out of my gun onto the table which was about 8 inches. The LED light broke loose and pointed sideways. http://www.htpow.com/ultra-powerful-laser-pointer-blue-10000mw-class-iv-445nm-p-1028.html

Have a couple hundred rounds though the gun now and seems to be holding zero very well. Oh and one more thing, no charger is included will need to purchase this separately.At first I thought I had to have the Red Laser Pointer centered exactly on the end of the barrel in order for it to work properly, but I soon realized that it not make any real difference. Shifting it around only amounts to a couple of millimeters difference at the target. The beauty of it is that it is easy to use and does a great job of getting your first shots near the center of your target without wasting a lot of time and ammo. http://www.htpow.com/highquality-500mw-burning-waterproof-red-laser-pointer-p-1067.html Looks fantastic and fits nicely. The 1000mw Laser Pointer is nice and bright, which I like. Out of the box, it's fantastic. I mounted it in five minutes. So far, I am very happy, but I will update this review after a longevity test and range survivability. If a year passes and I never update it, that most likely means that I'm satisfied with this product.Thats all I can ask for, and its worth the extra cost because caliber doesnt matter, or type of gun...any gun with a metal barrel can use this sight....the case is great and this is a very durable product. I highly recommend it! http://www.htpow.com/1000mw-laser-pointer-green-532nm-powerful-enough-p-1031.html I got 2 of these green dot laser units mostly to use as on my pistol.....it installed easily and works well. I got another one to use merely as a defensive weapon and keep it handy just in case I need it fast. It comes complete with attachments, 1 CR123 battery and allen wrench also. I do not know how the battery life will be with this device, but as I will not use it a lot, the battery should hold up for quite awhile, I hope. I got spare batteries just in case I need them. http://www.petitionen24.com/burninglas http://www.easysite.com/es609005/blog/this-information-has-been-exposed-last-year-58783 http://linoit.com/users/michaleorange/canvases/HTPOW%2030000mw%20laser

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