Low Guard

The USA has developed a high powered laser interception system named "low guard" successfully in January 19th 2016. Since the system was published in November 2014, many countries have given unprecedented attention. The director of low altitude guards tell the true face of this security equipment. http://www.htpow.com/high-powered-30000mw-blue-laserpointer-445nm-worlds-brightest-p-1027.html How Low Altitude Guard Work

The emergence of "low altitude guard" marks a major breakthrough in the application of burning laser technology in American security,and improve its high-tech security. In recent years, the rapid development of small aircraft ensure the possibility of illegal use of its accident which has become an important regional or major events security threat. The coping methods rely mainly on the traditional sniper, gun to intercept, or helicopter in the air to capture, but these means not only the low success rate, but also may cause collateral damage to the ground and the crowd.

http://www.htpow.com/ultra-powerful-laser-pointer-blue-10000mw-class-iv-445nm-p-1028.html "Low altitude guard" laser interception system is designed to control the illegal invasion of the aircraft. This system can destroyed the targets within 5 seconds, and there will be no collateral damage. The low altitude guard can quickly turn to the next target tracking and combat. Allegedly, its range is not less than 2 kilometers interception distance, a single set of systems defense can cover area of 12 square kilometers. According to reports, the 300mw Green Laser Pointer weapons has completed several tests and demonstration successfully, the success rate of it has come to100%.

The Security Problem of Laser Defense System

http://www.htpow.com/300mw-green-high-power-laser-pointer-waterproof-adjustable-holster-p-1038.html Low altitude security is a worldwide problem. A small Military Laser Pointer integrated system to combat low altitude or ultra low air targets is still a blank. In 2015, China's low altitude airspace will be gradually open, and the low altitude security determines the effectiveness of the reform of low altitude airspace management. High powered burning aser system has become the most popular way to beat UAV,and it has filled the blank of low security preferred. http://www.htpow.com/htpow-blue-ultra-power-laser-pointer-30w-class-iv-laser-p-1106.html According to reports, in addition to the development of laser technology based on the low altitude bodyguard interception system, China has also used high power microwave technology to develop a series of national security and public defense of new products. For example, the millimeter wave active denial system, through to the directional emission of microwave beam to some suspicious people, can beat enermy in a distance of 200 meters.It is developed by microwave technology system which is more mysterious.

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